The Classic Album

February 16, 2016

After much (much!) anticipation, the doorbell finally rang with our new Classic Album sample, manufactured by the talented folks at KISS. Made with deliciously soft leather, and built to last, this little puppy is so incredible I’m tempted to order more just to ooh and ahhh at. But that would be silly, so I’ll have to look forward to making many of these beauties for all of you.

The Classic Album comes in square sizes 8×8 (a popular choice for parents), 12×12 (the perfect couple heirloom!) and 10×10 (our sample, and a great standard option). A mini 4×4 is also the perfect size to stick in your purse – for showing off to everyone you meet – or as a gift to siblings and grandparents. This album is included in our higher end wedding packages or a la carte. Take a sneak peek here!

You can choose to include an image cameo, and up to two lines of laser printing to customize your album. This pretty cover is just one of many luxury leathers and linens to choose from.

These albums are super sturdy, with high quality spines and binding that will last through the decades.

Seamless, lay-flat pages open up to full spreads with no gutter – or break – in the middle.

True to the excellent craftsmanship of these albums, each corner is meticulously hand-turned for quality, durability and a sleek look. No cutting corners here… heh.

Your spreads are printed on true archival paper for a gorgeous finish and maximum lifespan.

No need to worry about images laying over the middle fold. You’ll barely see it.

Each album comes with full care instructions from the manufacturer (made in the USA, baby!), so you’ll be able to keep your heirloom looking great for decades to come.


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